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Cordell Winter is a singer songwriter and poet known for his endeavors through chaos and light that have lead him to be regarded as the mystic voice of rock n roll and folk. 


Cordell Winter has played and been seen with acts such as Kid Rock, Loretta Lynn, Billy Gibbons, Slaughter, Skid Row, Quiet Riot, Warrant, Lita Ford, Sam Kiszka and Daniel Wagner of Greta Van Fleet and more. Along with playing festivals and shows such as Milwaukee’s Summerfest and The Hard Rock hotel and casino in Hollywood Florida on his rapidly growing tours stemming from the east to west coast. 


Through early life, Cordell Winter, made his way through living full time in a van to be able to push his poetry and music to the brinks of the human spirit in order to obtain the unknown. Living the beat poet life on the road, he put up a resilience and sacrifice many would fear in order to obtain his dreams. 

From sleeping on street corners to pounding on doors of studios, venues along with playing for all who would listen or give him a chance. Cordell began touring all over the USA from the east coast to midwest and down south where he eventually became noticed by an ever growing audience.

During his time writing and touring in the Midwest from the highs of major festivals and clubs to even outside Grateful Dead parking lots. He was noticed and taken on by the band Slaughter’s, Mark Slaughter, where he would be seen performing with Slaughter at concerts while getting to spend time with other legendary rock acts such as Vince Neil and more. 

He began to finesse his propelling attention when he arrived in Nashville Tennessee and gained a reputable name for himself playing extensively many shows and venues around the Nashville area.

Cordell Winter would go on to record his second full length album at the Universal House of Blues Studios and later through rising acclaim and ethereal live performances come to be embraced by the queen of country herself, Loretta Lynn, where they would begin to write music together and have Cordell Winter play at her families events and festivals. 

Cordell Winter is a name that’s risen to respected acclamation as he continues to take on the never ending tenacities of highs and lows that come along with the unpredictable life of music. All the while continuing to speak from a place of sincerity in his endeavors and written songs. On the cusp of breaking through to major global acclaim Cordell Blaise Winter is the true real life story of what it means to never take no for an answer and to succeed against adversity with authenticity and rawness. 

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